De la idea a MediaMarkt Iberia

From the idea to MediaMarkt Iberia

We were 20 and 21 when we founded this company and we really didn't know what we were up against, or how far we were going to go.
And here we are. Our products are found in the leader in the electronic distribution sector, Media Markt.

We are not able to add much more. THANK YOU.
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Pilatus Journey: El granito de arena.

Pilatus Journey: The grain of sand.

Many times we raise the idea of ​​the grain of sand. It seems ins ignifying if we consider that to have impact , you need the collaboration of hundreds of thousands of millions of more gra nitos.

It is frustrating to pose as a tiny element in the middle of the world. Of course we are passing through, in a specific space and time, but societies, cultures, infrastructures or art, have not been two days' work, much less alien to the intentions and grains of sand, of each of the people that have shaped it throughout history.

From small steps we get great results. In India they are already fighting, on a large and small scale, for the purpose of achieving a sustainable world: Supplying the rural towns and villages of energy future to solar energy.

Like the The third largest carbon emitter in the world, after China and the United States, India has an important role to play in tackling the climate crisis and thanks to these small gestures that start as a grain of sand, India has managed to reduce its emissions by up to 21 %.


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Tick tock, tick tock. There is less and less for the arrival of November 26. Welcome to the consumer festival!

As a brand and company in the textile-fashion industry, we want to show the importance of consumer o RESPONSIBLE E. Of course we must compete and adapt to our market, making a proposal that allows us to "survive" as a brand this coming Black Friday.

Our commitment main With the environment and the fight against the climate crisis , it consists of reducing the impact when manufacturing our products and the '' return '' of the goods that our planet offers us; in addition to participating actively in the awareness awareness of the social and climatic situation, which we live today.

Why is Pilatus part of responsible consumption ?

For years, we have been working to manufacture and develop products with a low environmental impact.

We are members of 1% for the Planet a global organization committed to ensuring our planet and future generations prosper.

We work together with the association AMI 3 to contribute to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, promoting an inclusive society.

At Pilatus we want to show that we are much more than a brand and our commitment to society and our planet, it is total.
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1- Thanks for the suggestions, constructive criticism and feedback. Thank you for taking the time to give us your opinion. The scope of objectives and the growth of the brand in recent years, we are achieving it thanks to you.


2- Thank you for taking care of our planet. Choosing our products is already an action that seeks to improve the climate situation. It is one more step to reduce the great problems that affect the earth.


3- Thank you for trusting small businesses. We want you to be aware of how important each of our clients is in these cases, since they make the existence of Pilatus Brand possible


4- Thanks to all the team that makes up Pilatus Brand. This year we have had a lot of talent within the Pilatus family. Restless spirits full of energy that have helped us to be who we are.


5- Finally, thanks to you, that you accompany us every day, that you read us, that you are interested and that you help us to create a community.

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RETROFIT, the new option for the sustainable car market

Do you remember the old '74 Golf I that you inherited with great enthusiasm when you got your license? Right now you have him at home full of dust and rusting his pieces, because his days in your city are numbered.

With the arrival of the LEZs (Low Emission Zones) in Spanish cities, a new cycle of renewal and improvement of the - critical - situation of their environmental status begins. It will be from 2022 when the first A labels will begin to be restricted in areas such as the M-30 in Madrid.
Therefore, what will you do with Golf, that relic that has lived through so many stories?

We know that electric cars are called to lead the future of the automotive world, which is why RETROFIT is being considered, the possibility of replacing the combustion bowels of your car and turning it into electric.

We must seek environmental profitability, taking advantage of and repairing what already exists so that it can continue to provide a mobility service, now sustainable. In addition, their prices compete with obtaining a new electric car, providing the same possibilities in the controversy of free movement in cities.

At Pilatus we manage to give a second life to the materials with which we make our products. Thus we share the commitment, like this initiative, to reduce the environmental impact produced by industries such as textiles or automobiles.

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Do you want to surprise your employees or students and show your brand in a sustainable way?

Within Pilatus, a very important part is the partnership we have with large companies. With our products we offer high visibility that reinforces the reputation of these companies that are committed to a sustainable product.

One of the most valuable proposals is that we allow all our products to be fully customized. Choose the model, colors, stitching and logos to create a unique and exclusive product. In addition, in our business orders, we ship the products in a custom box or bag. Both alternatives are made from recycled materials.

Finally, a plantable card is included in our orders. Convey your message in an original way!

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The raw materials of sustainability

With the arrival of sustainability in fashion, words that had lost value such as pima cotton, merino wool or cashmere, have returned to the fore.

The use of more sustainable raw materials is the starting point for many brands that have settled on a lower impact model. In addition, materials are also the last frontier of sustainability, circularity, the most complex but also most strategic step in this transformation.

Before it was difficult for a distribution giant to be in contact with the spinning or weaving factory and today it is they who call directly to include their label on the garments.

But what are sustainable raw materials and how are they different?

Although polyester is the most widely used raw material in fashion, sustainability efforts have focused on cotton, which represents 23% of world fiber production.

Of all the cotton produced, 25% is already what the Textile Exchange organization defines as "preferred", that is, more sustainable than the traditional one.

The most sustainable option, recycled cotton, is for now a minority. According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, only 1% of all clothing is recycled into new garments. In the case of cotton, recycling can be carried out with mechanical or chemical processes but, as with polyester, the main difficulty lies in separating it when it is mixed with other raw materials.

Polyester is the reigning raw material in fashion, with a share of more than 50%, but its origin, oil, has made it the cotton that concentrates the bulk of sustainability efforts. The most common type of sustainable polyester is recycled, mainly that made from PET plastic, which in 2019 already represented 14% of world production, according to data from the Textile Exchange. In 2008, it was barely 8%

The third group of raw materials most used are cellulosic. Only 1% of world production is recycled but between 40% and 50% is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or the Association for Forest Certification (Pefc).

Wool completes the list of raw materials most used, although its weight does not reach 1%. Within virgin sheep wool, around 3% is considered "preferred"

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