Material corporativo y sus beneficios

Corporate material and its benefits

Is #corporatematerial an essential tool for companies? 🤔

Here we present 3 ways to achieve different objectives: 😎

✅ Presentation of the #brand : Corporate material, such as logos, slogans and color palette, helps establish a solid and coherent visual identity, to convey confidence and professionalism.

#Internal communication : You can also use corporate material to strengthen internal communication. For example, giving personalized backpacks with the company logo to employees. This fosters a sense of belonging.

#Events and trade fairs: At events and trade fairs, corporate material plays a crucial role, they can capture the attention of visitors and help create a lasting impression. Additionally, they can also serve as an effective form of promotion.

Corporate material is a strategic investment for companies. Make sure you keep it up to date and high quality.
% d% B% Y — Marina Benavent
Ya nos puedes encontrar en la tienda de Bizarro Corp

You can now find us at the Bizarro Corp store

A few weeks ago we entered the Bizarro Corp store. 🚀

This is a great opportunity for our company to reach a wider audience and offer our high-quality products. We are excited to be a part of the wide selection of products that Bizarro offers.

Our team has been working to create sustainable and designed products that meet the needs of our customers. ♻

We hope you will visit us at our new location in Bizarro Cl. de Ayala. Madrid 📍
% d% B% Y — Pilatus Kulm
Colaboración con Codorniu

Collaboration with Codorniu

A few months ago we carried out a #collaboration with #codorniu With more than 450 years of history, they are the oldest wine and cava company in Spain, a symbol of passion and effort. 🍷

They contacted Pilatus to make Executive model backpacks. 😎 They bet on #sustainability and social commitment. We are delighted to be able to work with brands that consider contributing favorably to the environment. ♻
% d% B% Y — Pilatus Kulm
La sostenibilidad ya no es un valor añadido

Sustainability is no longer an added value

Samy Alliance presented its trends report for the marketing industry, highlighting sustainability, artificial intelligence, entertainment marketing and automation.

Sustainability has long ceased to be an added value for brands and has become a fundamental part of the purposes, objectives and strategies of companies.

Organizations have understood that sustainability is the new ethical and moral code that they must follow.

What's more, according to a recent analysis by the Sortlist platform, 89.5% of companies think thatincluding sustainability in their marketing strategy is worth the return on investment. Specifically, the increase in brand image (24.13%), the increase in customer loyalty (20.13%) and the increase in sales (15.72%) are the main results reported.

% d% B% Y — Pilatus Kulm
Welcome Pack para empresas

Welcome Pack for companies

📣 Sheedo and Pilatus have come together to present this Welcome Pack for #companies , where you can customize all the products with your logo. 🤝 🙌

A collaboration that makes us very excited as Sheedo shares our philosophy of being #sustainable and respecting the environment. 🌱

This #Welcomepack includes the Pilatus Executive model, a seeded notebook, A6 seeded paper and a plantable pen.

Not only will it be a great detail for your employees, clients and collaborators, but it will help generate a positive impact in the work environment. 😎

executive sustainable backpack

% d% B% Y — Pilatus Kulm
Material corporativo para la empresa 101OBeX

Corporate material for the company 101OBeX

101OBeX x Pilatus.

We present you one of our latest collaborations. They counted on us to manufacture personalized backpacks with their company logo.

They chose the Ecobag Dark Black model with white serigraphy. 🙌
All made with 100% recycled materials and made in social workshops. ♻️
Thank you for your trust!
% d% B% Y — Pilatus Kulm
Trabajamos con Apadema

We work with Apadema

This 2023 has been loaded with changes, one of them has been our warehouse move. We left one of our warehouses to move to a larger one.

A change that generates uncertainty, but also excitement, since it is a sign that Pilatus has grown over the years.

This year we have the help of Apadema, a non-profit association declared of public utility, created for the care and promotion of people with intellectual disabilities. They are in charge of assembling the orders putting a special affection on it.

% d% B% Y — Pilatus Kulm
K tuin fundas sostenibles Pilatus

K tuin sustainable covers Pilatus

Pilatus continues to explore the #market , which is why a few months ago we started to enter the #retail world . 🚀

We have entered the K-tuin stores! 😎 . Company that is dedicated to the exclusive sale of #Apple products or accessories guaranteed by the American giant. 💻

In any of its stores you will have at your disposal various products of the Pilatus brand. 🎒
La importancia de los regalos corporativos

The importance of corporate gifts

Since the start of the pandemic, companies have been spending more on gifts for their customers.

📰 In fact, according to a study by AIThority, the average spend on a corporate gift has increased by 66% compared to the previous year. In addition, 80% of the executives who were interviewed for this study believe that gifts generate a positive and measurable Return on Investment ( ROI).

✍ The probability that they make a referral increases by 36%.
And that's not all, 19% of customers buy again within 90 days after receiving said gift.

🤔 Now, more and more companies are realizing that investing in corporate gifts can be an effective #strategy .

👨‍💻 Also, those companies that target more exclusive niches, and that want to cultivate more lasting relationships with their customers, will make these gifts more personalized.
% d% B% Y — Pilatus Kulm
¡Pilatus impulsa la inserción laboral! Empresas comprometidas

Pilatus promotes job placement! Committed companies

🗞🌟 We promote job placement!

In 2020, we decided not only to be a #sustainable company , but also a #social company . That's why we started working with the Ami3 ​​handling center and Gil Gayarrre, an #association in favor of people with disabilities where they are in charge of assembling orders with special care. 👫🤲

This year we are lucky to be able to start working with a new center, we are very happy to be able to collaborate with the AMAS center 🤗💚
% d% B% Y — Pilatus Kulm
Bjaland x Pilatus

Bjaland x Pilatus

We present you one of our collaborations ♻️


The technological company Bjaland Technologies trusted us to make their personalized corporate gifts. They chose the blue travel bag, 100% recycled and made in social workshops.

It has been a pleasure to collaborate with a brand that shares our philosophy of contributing favorably to the environment.
% d% B% Y — Pilatus Kulm


Christmas is coming!! 🎉🎉

From the Pilatus team, we want to thank you for having joined us this 2022.
We hope to continue sharing moments and continue to grow together. 👫

Merry christmas! 🎄

Give away sustainable computer cases and sustainable backpacks this Christmas