Trabajamos con Apadema

We work with Apadema

This 2023 has been loaded with changes, one of them has been our warehouse move. We left one of our warehouses to move to a larger one.

A change that generates uncertainty, but also excitement, since it is a sign that Pilatus has grown over the years.

This year we have the help of Apadema, a non-profit association declared of public utility, created for the care and promotion of people with intellectual disabilities. They are in charge of assembling the orders putting a special affection on it.

% d% B% Y — Pilatus Kulm
Diversidad, Equidad e Inclusión

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Arthur Young helped lay the foundation for diversity, equity and inclusion, and those principles were later reinforced when Arthur Young combined with Ernst & Whinney. We are talking about 1900.

Pilatus Brand, in 2016, began believing that the foundations of a good business had to have an impact and include in its statement the improvement of the future society.

For many more like this.