Passionate about commitment

Sustainable Materials


Our objective is to reduce the environmental impact produced by the textile industry, therefore, since 2017, more than 95% of the materials used in our products are reused or treated with natural processes.


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Covers and card holders

Recycled skins and organic felt

Each cover contains three types of recycled fibers, natural latex and vegetable resins, which serve as a union of the filaments themselves with the color dyes.

The felt is ecological compressed into small fibers. It is gray in color and is used interchangeably in the different models.

💧 79% less water (1,057 liters less)

💭 38% less gases (CO2) emitted

🧪 92% less pesticides and fertilizers

♻️ 100% recyclable product

Mochila materiales
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Backpacks and toiletry bags

Recycled polyester and organic cotton

50% of the Ecobag is made from recycled cotton. This cotton comes from the remains of clothing or other garments already manufactured previously, to which we give a second life.

The other 50% comes from the plastic of PET water bottles or other industrial waste that contains this material, thus avoiding the consumption of new resources.

Our star material for the covers is used for the closure details, zippers and handles of the ecobags.

🚰 79% less water (1,638 liters less)

💭 46% less gases (CO2) emitted

🧪 95% less pesticides and fertilizers

💦 25 used recycled water bottles