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A brand is not relevant if there are no people behind it to give it meaning.

In 2017, Pilatus was born, a dream that comes from the hands of Alejandro and Rodrigo, the architects of this adventure.

At the heart of Pilatus was an unprecedented ambition: to challenge the myth that sustainability and design are worlds apart, destined never to meet.

But who else is behind it?

Learn about the team's roles, their passions, and how each one contributes to the construction of what Pilatus is, and will be.

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Let's start with the founders

Alex Crespo. It is the organization, the taste for processes, and things done well. He is responsible for Operations and Product. Additionally, he is extremely competitive and unbearable in sports. He always wants to win.

Rodrigo Bernárdez. It is the vision, the left hand. That type of charismatic leader with whom when you share a beer he always has a story to tell. He is responsible for sales. Nobody sells like him.

The history of the brand


The engine of the brand

The people behind everything that happens at Pilatus.


Nuria Auberni

Mediterranean roots and a heart captivated by the art of photography.

It is the vision behind the aesthetics and image of Pilatus. Everything you see, every nuance and every shadow, has been thought of by her.


Jaime Garcia

He is the oldest on the team, but he carries the young spirit inside him.

Vitamin person. One of those who transmit enthusiasm in everything they do.

Thanks to him you see us in the best stores.

Back office

Cristina Vivas

Cris makes sure that there is nothing left to do. An all-terrain vehicle that helps us move forward at the best pace.

Creative dedicated to social networks and design. All urgent tasks, for her. It doesn't fail.


Elena Souto

Elena es capaz de crear contenido a partir de piezas inconexas. Si además hiciéramos caso a sus guiones, tendríamos varios Premios Goya.

Capaz de transmitir todos nuestros valores en un clip de 5 segundos.


Carol González

Carol organiza nuestro CRM. Es capaz de encontrar una aguja en un pajar, lo que nos ayuda a encontrar el discurso perfecto para el cliente correcto.

Metódica y organizada, apoya a Rodri en las operaciones con empresas.


Guille Mellado

Guille es el faro. Se encarga de controlar todo lo que ocurre antes, durante, y después de las ventas.

Gracias a él estamos creando una marca con las cosas más claras, y el futuro más optimista.