The team behind Pilatus

Pilatus is a project that started in 2017 by Alejandro and Rodrigo, the founders of the brand. From the beginning at Pilatus we have tried to dismantle the myth that sustainability and design cannot go hand in hand.

Do you want to know who is behind the brand?

Keep reading if you want to know more about our team and its functions.


Alejandro Crespo / Rodrigo Bernardez

Alex, co-founder, has gone to live in the Caribbean for a few months. Lover of everything that is sport and friends. Multitasking.

Rodri, co-founder, athlete and indie lover is in charge of the commercial part of the company. Don't ask him for anything creative, it's not his forte. The richest of all, is Galician.

Corporate Partnerships & Co-Branding

Carla Benito

Carla, introvert and dreamer. In charge of international expansion and making Pilatus a company with a global presence.


Nuria Auberni

Nuria, Catalan and in love with photography. She is responsible for the company's image. Marketing and communications. Creativity above all. Everything you see is thanks to her.


Jaime Garcia

Jaime , the most veteran of the team, but carries the young spirit inside. Thanks to him you see us in the best stores.


Xavier Loinaz

Xavi, passionate about soccer and music. Creative and analytical in equal parts. Eager to make Pilatus more international.


Alba Isidro

Alba, talkative and with lots of ideas in her head. Specialist in brainstorming. She helps the team in national and international sales. Her heart is marketing, so sometimes you may find her creating tiktoks or designing products for a company.

Marketing assistant

Cristina Vivas

Cris, the latest addition to the team. Creative dedicated to social media and design. With always urgent tasks she supports marketing, social media and product design.