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At Pilatus, every thread, every stitch and every design carries the essence of a transformative journey that began in the heart of Europe, on the heights of Mount Pilatus, Switzerland. Founded in 2017 by Rodrigo and Alejandro, our brand is founded on the belief that fashion and accessories should not only be aesthetically attractive, but also sustainable, durable and faithful life companions.

The origin of the idea

The inspiration arose from a personal need for Rodrigo, who, preparing for his Erasmus in Germany, was looking for a case for his computer that matched his personal style and complemented his favorite brown boots. Frustrated by the uniformity and lack of customization in the market, he found in his grandmother's handmade gift a unique case that not only protected his device but also expressed his individuality.

We have to do something

Alejandro saw it clearly. "Rodri, we have to shape this. There is an opportunity."

While we were both on Erasmus in Germany, a conversation arose during a trip to Lucerne about how professional accessories can and should be an extension of our personality and values. In this exchange of ideas and dreams, Pilatus Brand began to take shape with the vision of creating products that are not only part of our daily lives but also tell a story. Our history.

Now you build the future

The road has been long.

Giving shape to this project has been a process of many changes. We have tried different things, alternative business models that helped us shape what Pilatus is today.

We currently have thousands of clients who have trusted us, from different parts of the world. We can proudly say that companies like EY, Glovo, Telefónica or RedBull offer our products to their workers, clients and students.

And it is time for the brand to reach the next level thanks to the new developments we are making so that our products meet the expectations of our bosses: you.