Do you remember the old '74 Golf I that you inherited with great enthusiasm when you got your license? Right now you have him at home full of dust and rusting his pieces, because his days in your city are numbered.

With the arrival of the LEZs (Low Emission Zones) in Spanish cities, a new cycle of renewal and improvement of the - critical - situation of their environmental status begins. It will be from 2022 when the first A labels will begin to be restricted in areas such as the M-30 in Madrid.
Therefore, what will you do with Golf, that relic that has lived through so many stories?

We know that electric cars are called to lead the future of the automotive world, which is why RETROFIT is being considered, the possibility of replacing the combustion bowels of your car and turning it into electric.

We must seek environmental profitability, taking advantage of and repairing what already exists so that it can continue to provide a mobility service, now sustainable. In addition, their prices compete with obtaining a new electric car, providing the same possibilities in the controversy of free movement in cities.

At Pilatus we manage to give a second life to the materials with which we make our products. Thus we share the commitment, like this initiative, to reduce the environmental impact produced by industries such as textiles or automobiles.

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