Innovación social a través de la sinergia

The Pilatus Brand concept has several transversal dimensions: environmental, social and design.

The environmental dimension is made up of the different projects, collaborations and measures we take to improve the situation of our planet. Globalization has allowed us to become part of the world, discover incredible initiatives that ensure the stability and perseverance of our Earth and the virtue of empathy as a description. Thank you 1% for the Planet

The social and community dimension. Work as a team satisfying needs and concerns. Strengthen the link between education and training systems and the world of work. In this sense, it is urged to promote diversity. Thank you Gil Gayarre Foundation

The dimension referring to the design. It is a subjective field that is conditioned by the needs of the moment and has allowed us to reach the expansion of a clear message through the preparation of our product. Thank you for choosing Pilatus Brand