Marketing de influencers sostenible
Does a #sustainablebrand have to work only with influencers who are sustainable? 🤔

At Pilatus we believe that it is not strictly necessary… Of course, if a sustainable brand wants to ensure that its message aligns with its values ​​and principles, it is important that it carefully select the influencers it works with. 😶

However, we believe that it is possible to work with #influencers who do not necessarily identify as sustainable, as long as the collaboration is done ethically and transparently. 🤝

What matters is authenticity. If a sustainable brand hires an influencer who does not have a sustainable profile, but who believes in the brand's values ​​and is willing to promote sustainable products, it is possible to create a positive and effective collaboration. ♻

Additionally, we believe it is important to note that sustainable influencers are not necessarily the only ones who can deliver a sustainability message. We can all be ambassadors of sustainable practices and promote a more conscious lifestyle. 🤗
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