Sostenibilidad Pilatus
The project started 6 years ago with two partners: Rodrigo Bernárdez Casas and Alejandro Crespo Hernández.

The creative part of the team is formed by Núria Auberni Salvadó at the helm and Cristina Vivas Pérez, our latest addition.

Jaime García Santacruz, the retail manager who is making it possible for Pilatus to reach more and more points of sale both in Spain and in Europe.

Last but not least, the team in charge of managing all the B2B orders, from the sale to the customer to the delivery Carla Benito Hernandez, Xavier Loinaz Vela and Alba Isidro Alejo.

We are ready for the final stretch of the year, Thank you for being part of our journey! 🚀💪
% d% B% Y — Pilatus Kulm