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Navidad Pilatus 🎄❄

Christmas Pilatus 🎄❄

The Pilatus team wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays🎄❄

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El 42% de las empresas hacen greenwashing

42% of companies do greenwashing

#greenwashing , as it is referred to on the IEBS website, is a company's attempt to make its products appear green when in fact they are not . ----------------- Sometimes, they add, they take advantage of certain buzzwords that they...

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La sostenibilidad ya no es un valor añadido

Sustainability is no longer an added value

Samy Alliance presented its trends report for the marketing industry, highlighting sustainability, artificial intelligence, entertainment marketing and automation. Sustainability has long ceased to be an added value for brands and has become a fundamental part of the purposes, objectives and...

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Varios tamaños de funda para tu ordenador

Several sizes of cover for your computer

In all our covers we have two sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your #computer . 💻 On one side we have the Green Military Classic 15.6'' #case and on the other side we find the...

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Trabajamos con Apadema

We work with Apadema

This 2023 has been loaded with changes, one of them has been our warehouse move. We left one of our warehouses to move to a larger one. A change that generates uncertainty, but also excitement, since it is a sign...

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Mejora tu marketing sostenible

Improve your sustainable marketing

We tell you the 1st keys that you must take into account when making

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Las 10 empresas más sostenibles del mundo

The 10 most sustainable companies in the world

The 10 most #sustainable companies in the world The ranking of the 100 most sustainable companies in the world is led by these 10 companies: or Schneider Electric SE (France) or Ørsted A/S (Denmark) o Banco do Brasil SA (Brazil)...

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Xunta de Galicia & Pilatus Brand

Xunta de Galicia & Pilatus Brand

The Xunta de Galicia began to implement Sustainability Strategies in 2016. Since then, the Galician Community has been a region of environmental reference within the European Union. 2022 has the particularity that it will extend the Xacobeo Year 2021 due...

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1- Thanks for the suggestions, constructive criticism and feedback. Thank you for taking your time to give us your opinion. The scope of objectives and the growth of the brand in recent years, we are achieving thanks to you. 2-...

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