Nuestro producto más vendido del 2023🎒

Nuestro producto más vendido del 2023🎒

¿Quieres saber cuál ha sido el producto más vendido del 2023?
Navidad Pilatus 🎄❄

Navidad Pilatus 🎄❄

El equipo Pilatus os desea Feliz Navidad y Felices Fiestas🎄❄
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Colaboraciones de Pilatus

Cada vez son más las marcas que confían en Pilatus y esta vez, dLocal ha apostado por nosotros 
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Una visita especial a Barcelona 🚆

Estuvimos en Barcelona!! Pero…. ¿Qué hicimos ahí?
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Pilatus en Cancún 🌴

¡Nos encantan estos proyectos! La empresa de BeWay - The Behavioral Way lleva una semana de Team bulding al otro lado del charco y han confiado en nosotros para hacerle un detalle a sus empleados. 
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Pilatus en la tienda de Bizarro Corp Cl. de Ayala Madrid 📍

A few weeks ago we entered the Bizarro Corp. store 🚀.

This is a great opportunity for our company to reach a wider audience and offer our high quality sustainable products. We are excited to be a part of the wide selection of products offered by Bizarro.

Our team has been working to create sustainable and design-driven products that meet the needs of our customers. ♻

We hope you w
Varios tamaños de funda para tu ordenador

Several sizes of cover for your computer

In all our covers we have two sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your #computer . 💻

On one side we have the Green Military Classic 15.6'' #case and on the other side we find the 13.3'' size. 🤔

The first case is intended to protect the laptop and store documents and the second case due to its smaller size can also be used as a document holder 💭.

Made from #reused skins ♻️, it incorporates three pockets so that in addition to carrying your laptop, you can store everything you need in your day to day.

It is one of the most chosen by our customers!
% d% B% Y — Pilatus Kulm
Mejora tu marketing sostenible

Improve your sustainable marketing

We tell you the 1st keys that you must take into account when making

How to improve your sustainable marketing

% d% B% Y — Pilatus Kulm
¡Pilatus impulsa la inserción laboral! Empresas comprometidas

Pilatus promotes job placement! Committed companies

🗞🌟 We promote job placement!

In 2020, we decided not only to be a #sustainable company , but also a #social company . That's why we started working with the Ami3 ​​handling center and Gil Gayarrre, an #association in favor of people with disabilities where they are in charge of assembling orders with special care. 👫🤲

This year we are lucky to be able to start working with a new center, we are very happy to be able to collaborate with the AMAS center 🤗💚
% d% B% Y — Pilatus Kulm


Christmas is coming!! 🎉🎉

From the Pilatus team, we want to thank you for having joined us this 2022.
We hope to continue sharing moments and continue to grow together. 👫

Merry christmas! 🎄

Give away sustainable computer cases and sustainable backpacks this Christmas

Pertenecemos a la generación de productos reciclados

We belong to the generation of recycled products

The mission to create a new generation of recycled products with the same quality and design as the best non-recycled ones.

From natural latex and vegetable resins, which serve as a union of the filaments themselves with the colored dyes, recycled cotton... on our page you will discover how we use these materials to manufacture the products.

The plastic from PET water bottles is one of the waste we use for some of our products, specifically our backpacks and toiletry bags.

Colaboramos con 1% for the Planet

We collaborate with 1% for the Planet

be part of  1% for the Planet means being in favor of driving positive change for our planet and future generations. 🌍

5000 members are part of this organization and Pilatus is one of them. Companies that follow the path in the #environmental movement 🗻

It is a pride to belong to a community that firmly believes in the power of business to make this world a better place. We are here for the planet! 🌱
% d% B% Y — Pilatus Kulm