Sostenibilidad Pilatus
I guess your Monday wasn't as much fun as ours....⬇️

We were in Barcelona! But.... What did we do there? We went to visit Extia. A year ago we made a collaboration with them, we made them Ecobag backpacks in all colors with their logo.🎒🏙️

It was time to meet their team. It was a very top day, it started on a train at 6 am and ended eating pizzas in their offices with the whole team. They were Rodrigo Bernárdez Casas and Núria Auberni Salvadó, and according to what they tell us they had a great time. Rodrigo gave a talk about how Pilatus was created and about our latest collaborations with Disney, EY or Volkswagen. Meanwhile, Nuria was taking pictures of some workers who volunteered to be our models and also created a lot of content that you will see soon in our social networks.

Thank you very much to Extia and her team for trusting us and our work.💫