Navidad Pilatus 🎄❄

Navidad Pilatus 🎄❄

El equipo Pilatus os desea Feliz Navidad y Felices Fiestas🎄❄
Sostenibilidad Pilatus

Una visita especial a Barcelona 🚆

Estuvimos en Barcelona!! Pero…. ¿Qué hicimos ahí?
Colaboración con Geneva Business Schooll

Collaboration with Geneva Business Schooll

We are very excited to be working with the Geneva Business School . 👩‍🏫

We have partnered with a company that shares our vision of #sustainability and social commitment. 🌱 Thank you for your trust!

The students already enjoy the Pilatus Executive Backpacks. 👩‍💻
% d% B% Y — Pilatus Kulm
Welcome Pack para empresas

Welcome Pack for companies

📣 Sheedo and Pilatus have come together to present this Welcome Pack for #companies , where you can customize all the products with your logo. 🤝 🙌

A collaboration that makes us very excited as Sheedo shares our philosophy of being #sustainable and respecting the environment. 🌱

This #Welcomepack includes the Pilatus Executive model, a seeded notebook, A6 seeded paper and a plantable pen.

Not only will it be a great detail for your employees, clients and collaborators, but it will help generate a positive impact in the work environment. 😎

executive sustainable backpack

% d% B% Y — Pilatus Kulm
Varios tamaños de funda para tu ordenador

Several sizes of cover for your computer

In all our covers we have two sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your #computer . 💻

On one side we have the Green Military Classic 15.6'' #case and on the other side we find the 13.3'' size. 🤔

The first case is intended to protect the laptop and store documents and the second case due to its smaller size can also be used as a document holder 💭.

Made from #reused skins ♻️, it incorporates three pockets so that in addition to carrying your laptop, you can store everything you need in your day to day.

It is one of the most chosen by our customers!
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La importancia de los regalos corporativos

The importance of corporate gifts

Since the start of the pandemic, companies have been spending more on gifts for their customers.

📰 In fact, according to a study by AIThority, the average spend on a corporate gift has increased by 66% compared to the previous year. In addition, 80% of the executives who were interviewed for this study believe that gifts generate a positive and measurable Return on Investment ( ROI).

✍ The probability that they make a referral increases by 36%.
And that's not all, 19% of customers buy again within 90 days after receiving said gift.

🤔 Now, more and more companies are realizing that investing in corporate gifts can be an effective #strategy .

👨‍💻 Also, those companies that target more exclusive niches, and that want to cultivate more lasting relationships with their customers, will make these gifts more personalized.
% d% B% Y — Pilatus Kulm


1- Thanks for the suggestions, constructive criticism and feedback. Thank you for taking your time to give us your opinion. The scope of objectives and the growth of the brand in recent years, we are achieving thanks to you.

2- Thank you for taking care of our planet. Choosing our products is already an action that seeks to improve the climatic situation. It is one more step to reduce the great problem that affects the earth.

3- Thank you for trusting small businesses. We want you to be aware of how important each of our clients is in these cases, since they make the existence of Pilatus Brand possible.

4- Thanks to all the team that makes up Pilatus Brand. This year we have had a lot of talent within the Pilatus family. Restless spirits and full of energy that have helped us to be who we are.

5- Lastly, thanks to you, who accompany us every day, who read us, who are interested and who help us create a community
Be the(r)evolution

Be the(r)evolution

Be the(r)evolution

SDG 1: End of poverty.

Approximately 10% of the world's population lives on less than $1.90 a day and is at risk of extreme poverty. Almost 900 million people suffer from hunger, do not have access to drinking water and other basic services.

With Pilatus we want to raise awareness of the seriousness of the quality of life in which these people live, and do what we can to do our bit.

What other ideas can you think of to contribute our grain of sand?

Conoce al equipo #Pilatusteam

Meet the #Pilatusteam team

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Daily teamwork and effort are the keys to moving our project forward. Learn a little more about the #Pilatusteam family .

Alex, co-founder, has gone to live in the Caribbean for a few months. Lover of everything that is sport and friends. Multitasking.

Rodri, co-founder, athlete and indie lover is in charge of the commercial part of the company. Don't ask him for anything creative, it's not his forte. The richest of all, is Galician.

Jordi , the company's Valencian. It is dedicated to combining sustainability and design in our products and projects. Passionate about the mountain.

Inés , creative and disorganized. She is the head of marketing. The image of the company depends on it. And also, incredible cooking.

Sara , Basque and organized. She is in charge of bringing our philosophy closer to potential clients. Co-branding lover.

Marina , Madrid although from the outskirts. She is one of those responsible for launching collaborations with companies. 4 coffees per day.

Pablo , introvert and dreamer. In charge of international expansion and making Pilatus a company with a global presence. Committed