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2023 was a year of change. We have been working on Pilatus, our project, for a long time.

He was always our toy. That project to which you dedicate your afternoons. Excitement, desire, new ideas that are difficult to execute.

Starting out is a hard path, with emotional ups and downs that are complex to deal with. The path of the entrepreneur has sweet and bitter moments. Moments when you consider whether it makes sense to continue working on your creation, or whether to spend your time doing something else.

Last year we got to the point where we had to decide. We bet all our time, or we continued to grow in the company we worked for.

We decided to gamble.

We have always been a company focused on selling personalized products for companies. It is a good engine, but we were missing the transcendental component of creating a brand.

The good results during this time have allowed us to incorporate talent, invest in product, and understand that what we do has to have meaning to be durable over time.

We have asked ourselves questions that we did not ask ourselves before. We have reached reasoning that we previously saw as distant. We finally know what we are, what we do, and what we contribute to the people around us.

It is time for you to be a part of this.

The origin of Pilatus is related to the type of people we are, and the inspiration we want to give to the world.

Pilatus is a team made up of committed people, who do not want to give up anything in this life. Who work, live, grow and enjoy.

And we want to accompany you on this path by offering you products that will always accompany you. We want you to feel part of it.

This is the first chapter of Pilatus Journey.

An email that you will receive whenever we want your opinion, that we want to tell you something new, or that simply inspires you in those moments when there are ghosts.

Our first step towards creating a transcendent brand. We want Pilatus to be a benchmark for its consciously designed products, designed to last, and for promoting a lifestyle in which you do not feel forced to give up anything worthwhile.

Some light, affection, and respect, in this fleeting world in which we have had to live.

Talk to you soon,
Rodrigo and Alejandro, founders of Pilatus.

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