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I choose a product. I create a brand. I make an advertisement with an enigmatic and attractive phrase. I upload a post to Instagram. And to sell.

How easy, right?

Creating a brand is extremely difficult. There are many stories about the number of beautiful projects that there are in the world today and that there have been in history. You read the biography of Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, and you are amazed by the adventures he went through for 20 years so that today you proudly wear that “Just do it”. You read how disruptive Olivetti was socially, in a world in which there was no context or rules of today.

Is beautiful. But it's really complex.

We are doing our best to create a beautiful story that we will proudly tell in the future. We want you to one day look at your Pilatus product and proudly say that you were a participant in all of this.

Now we are in a very beautiful process, which is starting to give shape to all this. You will see that we have made changes to the website, and that the image is beginning to look more professional, with fewer inaccuracies and more substance. Let's say that we are learning much more in a short time than we learned in our initial stage. That's what this game is about, and let's not forget that we have come to play.

We are doing important work with all of this, and we want to listen to you and make it feel like yours too. Therefore, you can reply to this email and to all the others you will receive from now on, to give us your opinion. Words of support also work… maybe we'll even print them out and hang them on the walls of our new office.

Who knows.

How beautiful is everything that comes. And how ambiguous. You read one, they tell you that “this” works. You read someone else, they tell you the opposite. Who knows anything, really. We are going for everything with our criteria.

We continue.

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